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Best Practices: How to deal with Hoarding, Resident Harassment, Unauthorized Pets and Tenant, Drugs, Noise Complaints and other Management Issues

This webinar covers many of the common issues facing property managers and property owners today. Paul will go over how to correctly document various tenant violations and strategies and techniques for documenting and solving resident violations. Bonus This w ...

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Business Continuity Planning Getting to your New Normal

This webinar is for members of organizations that want to continue business despite a pandemic situation, ensuring that their organization/Division/Team can adjust and operate optimally with a new set of rules. Companies that interact with larger organizations ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Daniel Fay
  • Apr 27, 2021
Live Webinar

Sexual Harassment: Managing the Critical Business, Financial, and Human Resources Issues

Sexual harassment claims increasingly expose your organization to significant business, financial, and human resources-related costs and liabilities.  Potential claims now often exceed six-figure numbers. More importantly, sexual harassment increases recruitme ...

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HR Compliance 101 - For New HR/Non - HR Managers, Including COVID-19

In an increasingly complicated world of employee compliance in which HR struggles just to keep abreast of new developments, not teaching managers the basics can be costly. After all, it's the managers who interact with employees on a day-to-day basis and every ...

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Accounts Payable Internal Controls Best Practices in a Paperless Environment

We operate in a paperless environment. Internal controls are more critical in a paperless environment. We must rely on technology. It all starts with accounts payable since it is at the core of all other company processes, systems & functions. Hence accounts p ...

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The Inclusive Workplace - The Six Stages of a Diversity and Inclusion Program

This webinar will cover the six stages of raising awareness, implementing and measuring a successful workplace diversity program: Unmindfulness, Problematic - events occur (or don't occur), Awareness - something needs to change, Solve - what needs to change, I ...

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EPA Tier II Reporting

This training program will enumerate the requirements of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) as it applies to your organization. It will also help attendees understand the threshold trigger for reporting a hazardous chemical on the T ...

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HR Auditing - Critical Issues For 2021

The threats and risks from human capital management issues are increasing. They are no longer measured in only fines, penalties, and awards for non-compliance. Human capital management affects keys business metrics, including the organization’s valuation and c ...

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Controller Challenges in Changing Times

The turbulent ever-changing and technology-driven world of business requires changing and evolving roles for Controllers. The changing focus is more on the soft side of the business rather than accounting & reporting. It is more about people-pleasing than penc ...

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Differing Site Conditions – Who Really Owns The Risk?

The Differing Site Conditions clause is one of the oldest clauses used in construction contracts, having been created by the U.S. The federal government in 1926. It is generally accepted that the object of the clause is to transfer the risk of latent site cond ...