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FDA’s Evolving Approach to Medical Software Regulation

As technology continues to advance in all areas of healthcare, the software has become an essential part of virtually all products, integrated widely into digital platforms that serve medical purposes The FDA has recognized its traditional approach to devic ...

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Your Compliance Plan and Evaluation and Management (E/M) Auditing

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 made it mandatory that covered entity’s have a Compliance Plan. This session will review the Office of Inspector Generals (OIG) sample for a compliance plan and discuss what is needed for an auditing program for Evaluation and M ...

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers: Accounting, Analysis and Budgeting - SHRM & HRCI Accredited

In many organizations, operationally responsible managers have been made accountable for the financial performance of their divisions. This means that these managers need to have a firm grip on using a wide range of financial reports and information - making u ...

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How to Create Repair Station Manuals in Compliance with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 145

This webinar will show how to easily interpret the FAA guidance material to create the manuals - Repair Station Manual (RSM), Quality Control Manual (QCM), and Training Program Manual (TPM) - that form the basis for the approval of new repair station certifica ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Mont Smith
  • Jul 23, 2019
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EBIT/EBITDA - Understanding Your Profit and Loss Statement- SHRM & HRCI Accredited

This training program will review different types of profit and loss statements, including a QuickBooks profit and loss standard layout as a complex, multi-fund example. Attendees will learn how to analyze growth or loss within a business or department by comp ...

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California Consumer Privacy Act: What you Need to Know to be Prepared for January 1, 2020 Effective Date

With California enacting a major new data privacy law last year, now is the time for companies to review and adjust to how the California Consumer Privacy Act will impact their business. Slated to go into effect January 1, 2020, the CCPA is set to be the tough ...

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How Learner Retention Reduces Risk In Your Organization

We will discuss the various methods employed to reduce risk in the workplace during this training session. We also discuss the outcomes that could result from training staff in a proper way.

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Mastering Excel: Reclaiming Large Spreadsheets

Do you get discouraged or frustrated when attempting to manage large Excel spreadsheets? In this comprehensive presentation, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, demonstrates a number of ways you can successfully tame cumbersome spreadsheets. His helpful tips en ...

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Creating Effective and Easy-to-Maintain Budget Spreadsheets

In this comprehensive presentation, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, teaches you how to create resilient and easy-to-maintain budget spreadsheets. Among other techniques, David shows you how to separate inputs from calculations, build out a separate calculat ...

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ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems: New Concepts - Follow-up

Did you define the context of your organization accurately How well did you apply the seven QMS principles How well did the management team take up their responsibility for delivering quality across the organization A recap of the new high-level structure ...