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The GAAP Gap--Revenue Recognition, Lease Capitalization, and Current Expected Credit Loss

Much of the change in GAAP in recent years is the result of the collaboration between the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to bring US and international accounting principles closer together.  ...

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Treasury Management – Liquidity, Interest Rate, Foreign Exchange and Capital Risk Management

The Treasury function of all corporations is a key management unit of the organization. It is responsible for managing an entity’s liquidity risk, funding and interest rate risk as well it may also be charged with managing the entity’s foreign currency risk an ...

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Master Vendor File Best Practices to Strengthen Controls and Prevent Fraud - HRCI & SHRM Accredited

In this webinar attendees will learn the best practices of master vendor files and how to implement it for proper TIN solicitation. Also attendees will learn how to identify the new frauds and prevent them through good master vendor file practices. Collection ...

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Writing an Effective SAR Narrative

This BSA compliance training on Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) will provide details on how to prepare a SAR (Suspicious Activity Reporting) narrative that meets examiner scrutiny and provides the necessary detail for law enforcement. As a compliance and B ...

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Unrelated Business Income Tax – Updates under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act- SHRM & HRCI Accredited

This topic will start off with a general understanding of what is unrelated business income. It will look deeply into how to tell if income streams are related or unrelated to the non-for-profits mission along with the other rules that could exempt the income ...

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Payments Fraud Detect & Prevent Check, ACH and P-Card Schemes

This training program will examine vendor/billing schemes that exploit payments process control weaknesses; latest electronic payments schemes (ACH hijacking, spear-phishing, social engineering); check counterfeiting, forgery and tampering schemes to be aware ...

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Due Diligence steps for Form 1099 - SHRM & HRCI Accredited

This webinar will cover the latest updates for Form 1099-MISC, specific reporting requirements for various types of payments and payees, filing requirements, withholding requirements, and reporting guidelines. It will cover important changes to the filing due ...

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Stress-Testing in Financial Institutions: Selecting Appropriate Scenarios

The objectives of stress-testing should be clear to everybody involved, but experience shows time and time again that this is not the case. Provided there is a clear internal consensus about what is to be done and with what aim, a stress-test exercise can be i ...

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Bank Secrecy Act: The Fundamentals - CIP, CDD, EDD, CTR and Current Issues

This webinar will help to understand the fundamental requirements of the BSA/AML statutes and Money Laundering strategies and techniques.

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Jim George
  • Oct 03, 2019
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EBITDA Doesn’t Spell Cash Flow and What Does - SHRM & HRCI Accredited

Reliance on EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) as a measure of cash flow is misplaced because it presumes that borrowers will pay lenders before paying their taxes, expanding their working capital assets and fixed assets t ...