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Live Webinar

Emerging Issues: E-Signatures, E-Verification, Etc

In recent years the increased use of electronic means to obtain customer signatures, to conduct verifications of customer information, and to conduct overall customer due diligence has posed problems for financial institutions to fully comply with KYC, CDD/EDD ...

Live Webinar

Identifying Issues Involving Clients With Diminished Mental Capacity and/or Who May Be Unduly Influenced by Others

How to identify persons who potentially lack the requisite mental capacity to engage in specific transactions How to identify persons who are potentially acting under the undue influence of others in engaging in specific transactions How to protect yoursel ...

Live Webinar

Advanced Tax Return Analysis

This webinar will provide the bankers with several advanced tax return concepts and related analyses to help them work with their business customers more effectively.

Live Webinar

Forensic Accounting: Fraud Investigation Engagements

This course is designed to cover the steps of the fraud engagement starting with the determination whether a fraud investigation should be conducted, working with clients and attorneys, gathering and analyzing evidence, completing an engagement report, and tes ...

Live Webinar

How to perform internal billing audits and improve your bottom line

Auditing current coding CPT, ICD10, modifiers, etc Identifying trends  Verifying proper payment posting Denial work A/R work Patient billing Write offs Pre authorization/referrals

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The difference between a Credit Policy, Credit Procedure, Credit Rule

This Webinar explains following agendas: What is Credit Policy- what is included in it, how do you implement Credit Policy, why your company must have one What is a Credit Procedure, How many should you have, why they are needed What is a Credit Rule, how ...

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Conducting YOUR Annual ACH Rules Compliance Audit - A Step-by-Step Guide

Recent approved amendments identify changes that will affect the Annual ACH Rules Compliance Audit and Appendix 8. Each participant in the ACH Network is required to be in compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules. The Rules change involved removing Appendix 8 ...

Live Webinar

Controller Challenges in Changing Times

The turbulent ever changing and the technology driven world of business requires changing and evolving roles for Controllers. The changing focus is more on the soft side of the business rather than accounting & reporting. It is more about people pleasing than ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Carl Young
  • May 09, 2019
Recorded Webinar

How to Perform a Sound Credit Review

This webinar will cover the entire credit process from how to set up an account, how to decide what payment terms they should receive all the way to how best to collect from a delinquent account. The webinar outlines steps for the following processes: Credi ...

Recorded Webinar

C for Yourselves the 5 C’s of Credit

The first four C’s—capacity, conditions, collateral, and character- evaluate a borrower’s ability to repay, but character forces the lender to examine closely the borrower’s willingness to repay.