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Contract Killer Clauses Considering COVID-19 is Here

Now that cornavirus is a foreseeable risk and therefore not a force majeure event for new contracts, you need to manage through risk allocation strategies, you need to learn what to look for, especially in construction contracts. Learn what killer contract cla ...

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Work Has Been Suspended – What Damages Can A Contractor Recover

When an owner issues suspends work directive is the contractor entitled to recover delay and delay damages.? This session examines what damages are typically owed when work is suspended and some limitations of suspension damages. Five court cases setting forth ...

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EBIT/EBITDA - Understanding Your Profit and Loss Statement- SHRM & HRCI Accredited

This training program will review different types of profit and loss statements, including a QuickBooks profit and loss standard layout as a complex, multi-fund example. Attendees will learn how to analyze growth or loss within a business or department by comp ...

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Fundamentals of Fraud

Fraud is a constant in our lives and must be recognized and eliminated wherever possible.In business, non profit, and business environments it is the responsibility of everyone within an organization to be able to identify fraud. If we do not perform due dilig ...

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Partnering – A Way To Reduce Construction Claims & Disputes

Project partnering is one of the most effective tools in the construction management process employed to deliver successful projects -- projects that complete on time, in budget, safely, with the specified quality and have no outstanding disputes at the end of ...

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Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Provide deeper understanding of Project Stakeholders, the following areas are covered: Who are Project Stakeholders Who are key people in the organization How to develop communications Strategy How to manage their expectations 

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Daniel Fay
  • Jun 23, 2020
Live Webinar

Updating Your Standard Construction Contract in Light of COVID-19 Risk

Whether you are legally responsible will depend on steps you take now. Learn what COVID-19 riders smart owners, general contractors and subcontractors are seeking and what contract administration steps, like proactively asking for financial assurances, you sho ...

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Learn How to Train Your Maintenance Staff to Avoid Fair Housing Violations HUD requires that all maintenance employees receive training in fair housing. Over 60 percent of fair housing violations reported to HUD come from some sort of maintenance issue. Mainte ...

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Managing Risk at the Enterprise Level

Everything we do in life has an element of risk associated with it. That is a key reason why life is so great; we don’t know what’s coming next. Organizations are changing, and change can be uncomfortable. For these reasons, we need concepts and tools to take ...

Recorded Webinar

Balancing Your Life While Working Remotely

This timely training will cover numerous problem areas in the realm of finding and keeping balance while working from home. Certain issues that can arise from transitioning to working at home, include finding and maintaining a quiet and private space, free fro ...