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Trends in Construction Technology – The Potential Impact on Project Management & Construction Claims

This webinar identifies and explores some recent technology advances in construction and suggests some potential impacts on project managements and construction claims.  Technology has transformed the world radically over the past few decades.  Although the ...

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Fair Housing and Disparate Impact Update - 2019 Simply stated, disparate impact occurs when a housing provider’s policies or actions, although neutral and non-discriminatory on their face, serve to disproportionately negatively impact a protected class of ind ...

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Time and Task Management – Working Smart

Take control of your time and get control of your entire work day! The speed of everything has changed. Are your time management skills up to the challenge? Do you put off more today than you can ever accomplish tomorrow exhaust yourself by 4:00 p.m. with only ...

Recorded Webinar

Tactical Planning with Demand Driven S&OP

DDS&OP is a bi-directional tactical reconciliation hub in a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) Model between the strategic (annual, quarterly and monthly) and operational (hourly, daily and weekly) relevant ranges of decision making. DDS&OP sets key para ...

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Automation and the Impact on the Workplace

If you aren’t prepared, you’ll find out the hard way that your employment will change dramatically in the future. But those that are prepared will reap the rewards of advancing along with the technology.

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Who’s In Charge Here : The Salesperson or The Prospect

Do you think that sales people understand that they are the ones in charge during a sales meeting, or is the prospect The fact is, you as a sales person can create and direct the conversation anyway that you want You can ask quests, be quite or even aggres ...

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Trump Trade Policy And How It Affects You

We’ll review the dramatic changes Trump has wrought in us trade policy, invoking long unused trade laws to restrict imports of specified products.How Trump has curtailed and reversed the liberalizations of US Trade embargoes on Cuba and Iran, while extending a ...

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Failure Mode Effects Analysis – Risk Analysis and Management

Ineffective process management will result in significant loss to the organization's bottom line. The amount of loss depends upon your organizations Sigma Score, for example, a Sigma Score of 3 suggests a loss of 25% to 40% of sales (Sigma Scores vary from 2 t ...

Recorded Webinar

The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model

The Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise model is a management and operational model designed to enable enterprises to adapt to complex and volatile environments. The model utilizes a constant system of innovation and feedback between three primary components; a ...

Recorded Webinar

The difference between a Credit Policy, Credit Procedure, Credit Rule

This Webinar explains following agendas: What is Credit Policy- what is included in it, how do you implement Credit Policy, why your company must have one What is a Credit Procedure, How many should you have, why they are needed What is a Credit Rule, how ...