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Understanding Accounting for Non - Accounting Professionals

This webinar will equip attendees with the basic understanding necessary to understand the organization's accounting and reporting structure.

Live Webinar

Responding to EEOC Discrimination Charges - What's Your Business Case?

In Fiscal Year 2021, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 61331 discrimination cases.  Think about it, we have 200 workdays a year – so this equates to over 307 a day and 38 every hour.   Sheer numbers indicate that it’s just a matter of tim ...

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Deposit Operations Comprehensive Compliance, Including BSA

Understanding the regulations related to Deposit operations compliance are important in financial institutions since they are vast. They cover multiple staff members, teams, departments, and the financial institution as a whole. During this webinar, we will go ...

Live Webinar

Why EBITDA Doesn’t Spell Cash Flow and What Does

EBITDA is a popular measure of cash flow, but it is not accurate, and bankers and investors who rely on it as a reliable indicator of repayment ability will be deeply disappointed.  The session includes several examples and a case study to illustrate why EBITD ...

Live Webinar

Contractor vs. Employee

This webinar will cover what the IRS looks at when auditing whether a worker is an employee or a contractor. We will cover the current “3-factor” standard the IRS uses, as well as the older “20-factor” standards. We will also discuss the relief options availab ...

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EFT Act and Regulation E In 2022

On December 13, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau updated its FAQs on electronic fund transfers. You must incorporate this guidance as you set your 2022 policies and procedures.

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AML Red Flags – Signs of Money Laundering

Most bankers will only run into a few actual money laundering cases in their careers.  Thus, they are looking for money laundering but have very limited knowledge of what money laundering looks like and how to spot it.  To address this difficulty, I have devel ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Jim George
  • Aug 05, 2022
Live Webinar

Myths and Potentialities Behind Resilience

Uses and abuses Resilience of materials Resilience applied to financial institutions The stages in handling shocks Stress-testing: an ex-ante view Resilience and bank supervision Resistance vs. resilience Crisis management Towards the optimal way to ...

Recorded Webinar

Using Controls and Segregation of Duties to Build a Bullet Proof AP Operation

This training program will detail how to create a bullet-proof AP operation that is setup to detect and proactively prevent fraud from occurring. During this session, the webinar presenter will discuss real cases of AP fraud and the controls that organizations ...

Recorded Webinar

Internal Controls in Accounts Payable

This webinar will equip attendees with an understanding of the components of Accounts Payable and the internal controls required within the acquisition process.