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Analyzing Financial Statements

It is difficult to get everything you need for a credit report as most of them have outdated financial information. One of the best things you can do especially for your major customers is to get audited financial statements. Any account that you sell to that ...

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What It Takes to be the Auditor-In-Charge

The success of an audit engagement will often depend on how well the AIC carry out those functions.This webinar will help you understand the skills needed and the responsibilities of the AIC.

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Technical Writing: A Detailed Process

Provides step-by-step instructions to produce excellent written presentations Learn how to balance between being precise enough to cover the subject matter yet general enough to apply to other locations and/or projects Learn how to deal with reviewers and ...

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AML Monitoring Suspicious Activity – How are you Managing It?

This webinar will provide insight and considerations for a financial institution to ensure that its AML suspicious activity monitoring efforts are adequate and appropriate for its institution. Additionally, it will provide suggestions and recommendations to co ...

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Part 1/ 6 - Understanding Sampling for Auditors

While a variety of powerful tools are readily available today, the skills required to utilize such tools are not. Not only must the correct testing techniques be selected but the effective interpretation of outcomes presented by the software is essential in th ...

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New Paradigm in Risk Management and Compliance: How to Anticipate and Prepare for More Regulatory Scrutiny

Requirements for news thinking in 2007-08 2007: lack of thinking of what could happen, and indeed did happen next Post-2007 thinking on risk management and regulation The slow process of percolating Coming back to old thinking after licking wounds The p ...

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Weighing Rules Compliance with Stop Payments and Unauthorized Entries

Customer service, frontline and operations staff struggle each day with the question - "What does my account holder want me to do…Stop this payment, return it, they revoked it, -- what are my next steps?" This training program will help find answers to these s ...

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How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency May Change Your Business Model

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are being discussed heavily in the technology and regulatory communities. But for the common business owner, it’s hard to determine what is hype and what is real Are blockchain and cryptocurrency really going to change business ...

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New Safe Foods For Canadians Regulation

SFCR consolidates four existing statutes and applies to all food products sold in Canada ensuring truthful labeling while ensuring food manufacturers and importers are responsible for safe, adequately labelled and regulatory compliant products.

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Gina Reo
  • Jun 11, 2019
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Recruiting, Training, and Maintaining a Qualified AML Team

It is of upmost importance for a financial institution to have a trained, skilled, and qualified AML team. This webinar will help you understand why this team in important, how you can recruit and train the team, how you can keep the team at your institution, ...