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Writing Excellent SOPs

Almost every paragraph of the Quality System Regulation states that manufacturers shall "establish" procedures. Well written SOPs that are easy to understand and follow are necessary to accomplish that objective. Excellent SOPs need more than just subject mat ...

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Nurse to Nurse Bullying: A Sepsis in Healthcare

Nurse to nurse bullying threatens the safety and well-being of patients and nurses. The misconduct is a major problem to all nurses and causing 60% of new nurses to leave their first nursing position and 1 in 3 nurses to quit the profession.  Sometimes the bul ...

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Do’s and Don’ts of Documenting Employee Behavior, Performance, and Discipline

The absence of solid documentation is the single most common mistake employers make when handling employee performance, behavior and discipline issues.  Not properly documenting, or not documenting at all, can hurt employers in several ways.  Documentation can ...

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The New FCRA CFPB Compliance Requirements Metro 2 and e OSCAR

During this Webinar, we will go over the foundational elements of Metro 2 e OSCAR and the FCRA CFPB requirements. As always, updates to rules, regulations occur, and you need to be informed of recent changes. We will go over all these details and more during t ...

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No-Panic Presentation Skills: How To Speak Confidently and Compellingly Anywhere, Anytime

Everyone from the anxious beginner to the confident professional will grow from expert advice such as:  Making the most of your first three minutes Reinforcing sticking points throughout your presentation Fine-tuning your eye contact, gestures and overall ...

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How Leaders Improve Workplace Results: Do you have a Gap in Delegation and Accountability?

In your leadership position, could you use an edge to distinguish yourself from others and move your employees into action? This presentation gives you that needed edge as superior delegation skills is a distinguishing feature of 21st-century leaders.  Delega ...

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Celebrating Uniqueness

As our society and culture changes and becomes more diverse, so does our workforce. Workplace diversity encompasses many differences including cultural, intellectual, gender-related, religious, personality, racial, generational, physical, mental, and more. Reg ...

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Project Management for FDA-Regulated Companies

This webinar is not a project management certification course. It is designed to provide the non-project manager with the tools / techniques necessary to assist in achieving a result or deliverable to achieve that end, and document the activity over time. It ...

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Excel - Effective Data Visualization

Every Picture Tells a Story" is a popular saying which is true not only in everyday life but in Excel too. Behind your set of numerical data is a story waiting to be told. The telling of this story needs to be to-the-point, easy to understand and engaging. Da ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Mike Thomas
  • Sep 29, 2021
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HIPAA in 2021 — Critical Compliance Concerns in the Year Ahead

Over many years, the heads of the US DHHS have indicated that patient access of information is a key priority in order to improve the health of the nation. Patient rights under HIPAA have been expanded to include several rights of access, and detailed guidance ...