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On the alert: Software License Audit Readiness

There are numerous global, regional as well as national laws and regulations focusing on information assets protection that require professional consideration. Notably, at the global level, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Trade Organ ...

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Respirator Protection Program - 29 CFR 1910.134

This webinar will discuss the practical aspects of a good Respiratory Program and help you understand when and where respirators are to be used, together with the right respirator for the hazard that employees are subject to within your work space.

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Joe Keenan
  • Nov 15, 2019
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Beyond 'Illegal' Interview Questions: What Hiring Managers Need to Know About Protected Characteristics

This webinar will provide people involved in all aspects of the hiring process with a comprehensive overview of key facts about protected characteristics to screen applicants, conduct interviews and make hiring decisions in a manner that is compliant with all ...

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10 Features Of Microsoft Outlook That Give You Screaming Productivity

Margaret Thatcher said: “Think of a day when you are supremely satisfied. It is not a day when you lounged around and did nothing, but a day when you had everything to do and you did it.”  If this speaks to your daily purpose and emotional makeup, sign up for ...

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The Emotionally Intelligent Manager: Using Your Heart as Well As Your Head to Manage Effectively

To manage effectively, you need to engage your emotional intelligence just as much as you engage yourself cerebrally.  Using both our brain and our “gut” allows us to take all human factors into account.

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Technical Writing in an Industrial Environment

Technical Writing in an Industrial Environment differs from general correspondence in that it is written for a specific audience. It is a balancing act between being precise enough to cover the subject matter yet general enough to apply to other locations and/ ...

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California Unfair Claims Settlement Practices

This training program will offer attendees an in-depth understanding of specific Unfair Claims Settlement Practices under California Law. It will further offer them an understanding of the regulations governing Unfair Claims Settlement Practices created by the ...

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Essential Contract Clauses and Approaches for Success

Poorly written and unfair construction contracts lead to risk contingencies of up to 20%. Studies demonstrate that fair, best practice contracts achieve superior results and decrease the risk of claims and litigation.What clauses should you prioritize in negot ...

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The Importance of Training Compliance Officers

A compliance culture can have a big impact on the overall risk of an organization. Getting it right is important because the ramifications can be severe.

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On-boarding in a GMP Environment: Best Practices for Foundational Employee Success

The objective of the course is to enable attendees to: Define the onboarding process in the context of regulatory compliance Interact with Human Resources to create a coordinated onboarding strategy that covers both their requirements and quality requireme ...