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Human Error Reduction Techniques for Floor Supervisors

Supervision plays a crucial role in Human Error Reduction and Control. Critical Factors like preparation, planning, scheduling, communication, among many others, will be discussed as part of this webinar. People make mistakes because they can; our systems allo ...

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Process Capability Assessment for Normal and Non-Normal Data

Companies must assure that their processes are capable of producing products and services that consistently meet customer specifications. This webinar discusses methods for estimating process capability for both normal and non-normal data. Pre-requisites for ...

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21 CFR Part 11 Conformance for Medical Devices

Procedures for controlling electronic signatures and electronic records as described in the FDA Guidance will be explained. FDA regulated companies want to transition to electronic records for economy and efficiency. FDA, because of its concern for patient sa ...

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Issues in Calibrations and Accuracy in Method Validation

One of the most important concepts and criteria of Good Laboratory Practices is accuracy, how well does a methodology stand in terms of quantifying when compared to an expected value? There are various approaches in calibration and in the use of standards for ...

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Technical Writing in an Industrial Environment

Technical Writing in an Industrial Environment differs from general correspondence in that it is written for a specific audience. It is a balancing act between being precise enough to cover the subject matter yet general enough to apply to other locations and/ ...

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Medical Devices Quality Management System (MDQMS) Using ISO 13485:2016

The ISO 13485 standard is widely accepted as the benchmark for medical device manufacturers quality management systems.  Many organizations certified under the standard have achieved improved product quality, reliability, regulatory compliance and are aligned ...

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An Advanced Course on Lean Documents, Lean Configuration and Document Control

In this Lean Documents, Lean Configuration, and Document Control training learn the different types of lean documents and the usage of lean document principles; types of controlled documents; examples of lean and non-lean controlled documents. Pros and cons of ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 90 Mins
  • José Mora
  • Aug 25, 2020
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Sterile Filtration of Pharmaceutical Products - What you need to know to meet Validation and Regulatory Requirements

Sterile filtration is one of the most critical steps in sterile pharmaceutical manufacture. This is because the filtration process provides the assurance of sterility in the finished drug product. Therefore, the design, validation and ongoing monitoring of a ...

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Establishing A Robust Supplier Management Program

Regulatory expectations are clear about manufactures’ responsibility regarding supplier quality oversight.All regulatory agencies agree that pharmaceutical and medical device manufactures are responsible for ensuring their suppliers adhere to quality standards ...

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Controlling Human Error in the Manufacturing Floor

Human error is known to be the major cause of quality and production losses in many industries.Although it is unlikely that human error will ever be totally eliminated, many human performance problems can be prevented.Human errors start at the design stage.Fro ...