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Employee Handbooks: Critical Issues for 2019

Employee handbooks have become a valuable tool in providing important information to employees. Handbooks describe what employers expect of their employees, and what employees can (should) expect from their employers. Handbooks provide critical information abo ...

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Form 1099-MISC Compliance: How to Minimize Errors in 2019

This webinar will cover the latest updates for Form 1099-MISC, specific reporting requirements for various types of payments and payees, filing requirements, withholding requirements and reporting guidelines. It will cover filing due dates including the accele ...

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Deadline was March 2018! If Your Company isn't Prepared in 2019, Be Ready to Pay Huge Penalties!

Privacy regulations have taken a front and center role in the workplace and in other venues like technology, finance, health and medical healthcare, criminal justice and in social media. Employers are more than ever attempting to mitigate the line between thei ...

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Active Shooter Survival at Work

This program contains potential life-saving information. You learn skills and tactics to recognize, respond and mitigate harm when confronting a gunman engaged in a shooting rampage. You’ll learn about history and current trends of workplace shootings. We’ll l ...

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What’s Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Why It’s More Important Than IQ For Success?

In today’s workplace, it isn’t enough for your managers, supervisors and professional staff to be smart; what’s required is to have emotional intelligence (EQ) - the ability to manage effectively emotions and behavior; navigate the social complexities of the w ...

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Employee Engagement Goes Beyond Action Plans - 3 Pieces to Reach the Tipping Point

Over the years, I’ve worked with multiple leaders on employee engagement to help them break through the traditional approach of receiving their engagement results, sharing their results with their team in a group setting, and choosing one to two questions as a ...

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Writing Payroll Procedures

Does your company have a written payroll procedure manual? Perhaps you have a vendor-supplied manual. Does it cover all issues, or only the system-driven ones? What about payroll policy as it involves your company?  Make sure that you are ready for all conting ...

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Managing Multiple Projects

This Webinar is ideal for any Intermediate manager.All industries have projects. Every employee and consultant at some point in time, finds themselves managing multiple objectives/projects.

  • Basic & Advanced
  • 60 Mins
  • Daniel Fay
  • Jul 02, 2019
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Finding Success with Teams Working far part

Deep understanding of the problems and challenges facing those working with others – and managing others and creating solutions that overcome these obstacles so that effective team production is possible.

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The First 90 Days for New Supervisors - SHRM Accredited

If you have taken on a new position and are concerned about what you don’t know – you’re in good company. Research show supervisors, managers and leaders moving into a new role only get a minuscule amount of the training needed to be successful in the role. On ...