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Live Webinar

HIPAA in 2021 — Critical Compliance Concerns in the Year Ahead

Over many years, the heads of the US DHHS have indicated that patient access of information is a key priority in order to improve the health of the nation. Patient rights under HIPAA have been expanded to include several rights of access, and detailed guidance ...

Live Webinar

The 6 Most Common Problems in FDA Software Validation and Verification

This training on FDA software validation and verification will provide you the best practices necessary to ensure that all systems are validated in compliance with FDA regulations.

Recorded Webinar

HIPAA Enforcement and Auditing in 2020: Latest Examples and New Guidance

While the worldwide pandemic has prompted some relaxation of HIPAA requirements in specific circumstances to ease the provision of medical services while preserving social distancing requirements, enforcement of HIPAA has continued. Recent enforcement actions ...

Recorded Webinar

Mindset Reset: 7 Steps to Conquer Negativity and Overwhelm

In today’s culture, which prizes busy-ness and sees stress as a status symbol, negativity and overwhelm are universal. They wreak havoc on our moods, bodies, and minds, not to mention our businesses and bottom lines One reason that negativity is so insidious ...

On-Demand Webinar

COVID-19 and Wage and Hour Issues under the FLSA

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenging wage and hour questions for employers. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)—and corresponding state wage and hour laws are not on hold during the pandemic. In addition to FLSA obligations, decisions regard ...

Recorded Webinar

Medical Staff Fair Hearings From a Hearing Officer's Perspective - Is Your Process Lawsuit-proof

It sometimes becomes necessary for the medical staff to recommend to the governing board that the medical privileges of a practitioner either be removed or denied. Before such adverse action is taken, it is very important that the practitioner is afforded due ...

Recorded Webinar

COVID-19 and Employment Law Issues

The Coronavirus may have brought much of the world as we know it to a temporary halt. Employment laws, and employers’ obligations, however, are not on hold. Employers still have an obligation to provide their employees a safe, workplace, free of harassment a ...

Recorded Webinar

HIPAA Compliance During COVID-19: OCR Guidance and Best Practices

During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) public health emergency, the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) provided guidance that helps explain privacy rights laws as well as how the HIPAA Privacy Rule allows patient information to be shared in the pandemic ...

Recorded Webinar

Risks, Liabilities, and Enforcement in HIPAA Business Associate Relationships

In addition to contracted obligations, HIPAA Business Associates are now covered directly under the HIPAA Privacy Rule’s use and disclosure limitations, the Security Rule’s safeguard provisions, and the Breach Notification Rule’s notification requirements. HIP ...

Recorded Webinar

HIPAA Privacy and Social Media in the practice of Nursing and other Health Professions

This new webinar provides an overview of core privacy requirements of HIPAA, the basics of which should be well-known and practiced by all health care practitioners.Then, the subject moves to the social media activities of health care practitioners – with a sp ...