Virtual Webinar – 20 Strategies to Guide Organizational Change

Schedule Monday, April 3, 2023 || 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
Duration 60 Mins
Level Basic & Intermediate & Advanced
Webinar ID IQW23D0429

  • Understand the nature of HR in the modern business organization
  • Understand the difference between a process and a system
  • Remember the evolution of HR
  • Analyze your role in your organization as a Human Capital manager
  • Evaluate your processes
  • Create a new organizational normal

Overview of the webinar

HR as a System: Are you in HR or At HR webinar confronts a dilemma faced by HR professionals every day. Your CEO demands that you speak the language of business for you to get a seat at the table. The HR professional is stuck in the transactional mode that HR has been in since it beginning as personnel. During the webinar, we will explore the nature of both views of the HR function. The webinar looks at the characteristics of a system. It also discusses five strategies to transform your HR function.

Who should attend?

  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Team Members
  • Coaches
  • Mentors
  • Department Heads
  • Trainers
  • Change Agents
  • Human Resource Generalists

Why should you attend?

  • Definitions of Strategies
  • Change Strategies: Authenticity
  • Gemba Walk
  • Change Strategies: Follow the Process
  • Change Strategies: Time is of the essence
  • Change Strategies: Gain Knowledge
  • Shu Ha Ri
  • Change Strategies: Change Managers to Leaders
  • Change Strategies: Educate and Train
  • Change Strategies: Breakdown Silos
  • Change Strategies: Avoid quotas
  • Change Strategies: Don’t Play the Blame Game
  • Change Strategies: Product/Service Optimization
  • Change Strategies: Always a better way
  • Change Strategies: Drive for perfection
  • Change Strategies: Drive out fear
  • Change Strategies: Agile Management
  • Change Strategies: Don’t Fear Change
  • Change Strategies: Utilizing the right Metrics
  • Change Strategies: Organizational Alignment
  • Change Strategies: Maximize your subject matter experts
  • Change Strategies: Maximize your teams
  • Change strategies: Create a new normal

Faculty - Mr.Daniel T. Bloom

Daniel T. Bloom is a well-respected author, speaker and HR strategist, who during his career has worked as a contingency executive recruiter, member of the internal HR staff of a Fortune 1000 corporation, and a Corporate Relocation Director for several real estate firms. He is an active participant within the HR social Media scene maintaining blogs on, Human Capital League; Recruiting Blogs, Brandergy and Toolbox for HR. He has also written over 40 articles, which have appeared on line and in print; along with four books (Just Get Me There- 2005 and Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma -2013, Field Guide to Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma - 2016, The Exceptional Educational System: Using Six Sigma to Transform Schools - 2017).

He is a member of the Suncoast HR Management Association; Worldwide ERC; and the American Society for Quality. He is also a member of the Six Sigma Black Belt Review Board at St. Petersburg College. Dan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Parsons College and his Six Sigma Black Belt training from the Engineering and Technology Program at St. Petersburg College. He holds certifications as a Senior Professional in Human Resources, and as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

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