Payroll Checkup (a Top to Bottom Look at how to achieve a successful payroll process every time)

Duration 90 Mins
Level Basic & Intermediate
Webinar ID IQW22D0428

  • Yearly calendar dates
  • Importance of input controls
  • Timekeeping reports
  • Segregation of duties
  • Payroll changes-tracking
  • Using pre- and post-processing reports
  • Comparison to previous – simplified EXCEL method
  • Payroll Preview Verification
  • Communication with other units
  • Pay Frequency audit

Overview of the webinar

What is the best way to avoid expensive and time-consuming payroll errors? Why, avoid them, of course! In this online seminar, you will learn tips and methods to verify all your payroll variables before you commit a final payroll to your IT team or your outside processor!

You will learn how to create the most efficient checklists for your pre-processing checks; the best way to create your calendar for a full year, encompassing all pay frequencies as well as holidays and days that will affect a specific cycle; how to create your own reports for audit purposes; as well as how to use your payroll vendor’s available reports for your best results.  Running a payroll preview, verifying your totals, and creating a comparison – are all strategies to be used to ensure that your payroll is as accurate as you can make it.

This online seminar will touch on all aspects of payroll “ins” and “outs”.  These include hires, terminations, leaves, pay increases, benefit deductions, changes, and employer payments. We will also discuss the importance and how-tos of regular reconciliations and audits. With the challenges that have arisen in our remote-work, virtual pandemic world, payroll rules, and processing can be more challenging than normal.

This online seminar will help you understand the best way to create your review process so you can eliminate errors. 

Who should attend?

  • Any company that employs an individual or team to manage the company’s payroll management and processing, whether outsourced or internally processed

Why should you attend?

Whether you are new to payroll or not, you can use tips on how to make your processing easier, more accurate and less stressful.  Avoiding errors and raising the level of competency and accuracy should always be a goal for payroll teams.  Using everyday tools like the calendar, some simple reports and a good communications process, you can ensure that your payroll process remains professional, timely and error-free.  The online seminar will include ideas on how to maintain a schedule, how to deploy your team members and how to keep your process painless. Regardless of the size of your company, you will be able to learn something about process improvement by taking this online seminar!

Faculty - Ms.Merle Capello

Merle Capello is an experienced Payroll Professional who can manage, train and elevate team members, enhancing their skills so that they can be leveraged to benefit clients.  Merle is a professional who works to improve processes, by additional knowledge and conforming to rules of compliance.  She is also an experienced procedure and policy developer who works to leave a better team behind than the one she finds.  Merle is a subject matter expert on compliance, payroll taxes, work rules and payroll best practices.  Merle offers consulting services for those who need a professional's advice and counsel.  In her more than 25 years of experience spearheading the development, enhancement, and transfer of payroll and HRIS operations, Merle has learned to provide team members with the guidance and motivation to exceed objectives. Merle enjoys the challenge of implementation and organizational change, using her analytical skills and her knowledge base to make the most prudent decisions for the team and for her clients.  Merle easily adapted to either running a department or advising a client on how best to run their department.  She can write step-by-step directions for processes if needed, or coach a team member to do so. Merle is also a longtime member of her professional organization, the American Payroll Association.  She held Advanced Payroll Certification for over 25 years.  


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