I-9 and E-Verify Compliance The Ice Man Cometh

Duration 90 Mins
Level Basic & Intermediate & Advanced
Webinar ID IQW21L1236

The Agenda for this Webinar is:

  • ICE Worksite Investigations Have Surged
  • Recent Penalties for Non-Compliance
  • Employer Responsibilities
  • Review of I-9 Forms, E-Verify and Common Mistakes
  • Implementing a Follow-Up for Temporary Work Authorizations
  • Determining Internal Practices on Retaining I-9 Forms
  • Conducting a Self Audit and Correcting Mistakes
  • Action Items
  • Questions 

Overview of the webinar

I-9 violations can be very costly. Since Immigration and Customs Enforcement worksite investigations continue to rise, the likelihood of an audit increases. This Webinar will prepare you for such an audit by reviewing the correct way to complete an I-9 form and review current I-9 forms for accuracy. 

Who should attend?

  •  Human Resources Professionals
  • Employees required to sign up or the onboarding of new employees
  • Payroll administrators
  • Individuals responsible for maintaining personnel files

Why should you attend?

The presenter has conducted hundreds of I-9 audits. The number of companies that were in 100% compliance is a big fat ZERO. 

Take the confusion out of the form. Compliance is actually pretty easy, but the I-9 form looks complicated, so we make it complicated.

The first thing to know is the importance of understanding the regulations for completing and maintaining I-9 forms. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the agency responsible for conducting I-9 audits, so it is also important to know the requirements for completing the form and the timeliness required for completion.

Did you know that using 12/17/21 as the date format on an I-9 form is a violation and subject to a fine?

What is the best way to keep the form?

How do I follow up with temporary work authorizations? 

Do I have to redo an I-9 after a driver's license expires?

What is the difference between E-Verify and I-9 record-keeping requirements?

What are the Fines and penalties for non-compliance?

How do we conducting our own I-9 Audit and fix I-9 forms?

Faculty - Mr.Bob McKenzie

Bob McKenzie, has over 40 years of human resources management experience. His background includes a wide range of hands-on experience in all areas of Human resources management in all types of industries within the public and private sectors. Bob has been cited in a number of Human Resources trade publications. Among them are HR.com, HR Magazine, HR Florida Review, Vault.com, BNA and the Institute of Management and Administration and the Business Journal. He has been a speaker at a number of conferences as well as audio and web-based seminars. Bob is a graduate of Rider University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Commerce Degree and double majored in Industrial Relations and Organizational Behavior.

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