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Live Webinar

Introduction into Discrete event simulation methodology (DES). Part 1. Dynamic supply & demand balance and capacity problems

Discrete event simulation (DES) is the most powerful methodology used in process data analytics. The following examples will be covered:  (i) Outpatient clinic: centralized or separate locations? (ii) Outpatient clinic: non-steady-state operations, (iii) Outpa ...

Live Webinar

The Federal False Claims Act: Enforcement and Recent Updates

The session will provide an overview of the Federal Civil False Claims Act (FCA) and how it works. It will also provide an assessment of enforcement activities, showing how healthcare providers may be at risk. In addition, the session will review recent cases ...

Live Webinar

Validation Sampling Plans

This webinar will discuss setting up statistically justified sampling plans for process validation. Discussion will also involve using the sampling plan to set acceptance criteria for process validation. Setting acceptance criteria for test method validation w ...

Live Webinar

The Anti-Kickback Statute: 2022 – Year in Review

The AKS is currently the focus of law enforcement officials. The Statute provides that the offer or payment, as well as the solicitation or receipt, of “any remuneration” in exchange for referrals of any good, facility, service, or item for which payment may b ...

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Implementing a Robust Supplier Management Program

Regulatory expectations are clear about manufactures’ responsibility regarding supplier quality oversight.  All regulatory agencies agree that pharmaceutical and medical device manufactures are responsible for ensuring their suppliers adhere to quality standar ...

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Implementing a Robust Change Control Program

Regulatory agencies require pharmaceutical and medical device companies to have a systematic approach to managing all changes made to a facility, their product or a quality system.  Given the fact that changes are inevitable, it is essential that companies hav ...

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Fundamentals of CIP, CDD, EDD, CTR, and Current Issues

During this webinar, we will go over the of fundamentals of CIP, CDD, EDD, CTR and also, current Issues that impact your day to day.

Live Webinar

AML Training on Red Flags

Due to an evolving climate with AML regulations, you need stay abreast of changes and the impact it has to you. Especially in a financial services industry where crime is rampant due to AML related activities. We will explore the recent changes, red flags and ...

Live Webinar

Nacha Rule Update

During this webinar, we will review recent changes to the ACH rules and also discuss upcoming changes that might impact your organization or specifically, your role. Course Objectives:  The foundation of ACH and Nacha Understand the rules created by Nacha ...

Recorded Webinar

Bulletproof CAPA Process: How to do it Right?

FDA, EU Notified Bodies, and other regulatory authorities investigate the capability of organizations to identify processes that require corrective and preventive actions. Organizations should provide evidence that they have the required means and abilities t ...