Managing the People Aspect of Change

Schedule Friday, October 20, 2023 || 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
Duration 60 Mins
Level Basic & Intermediate
Webinar ID IQW23J1081

In this interactive presentation, we will:

  • Explore your own and other’s “default” approaches to change, so you understand your own response and your team/colleagues’ challenges during rapid transitions
  • Learn time proven methods to help you and your team people learn to embrace change
  • Acquire effective change management coaching techniques based on the highly respected Bridges’ Model of Change to help employees cope with their fear and reluctance to change
  • Ascertain how to engage your people in the “why” and the “how” of the current changes for more buy-in and increased adoption
  • Build your own and other’s capacities to manage even more change in the future

Overview of the webinar

Organizations often use internal or external change management experts to help the organization create effective change management programs and plans. However, these change management experts often engage with key stakeholders without a plan to provide change management coaching strategies to front line managers and employees. This leaves gaps in both the employee and the manager’s understanding of how they react in the change process.

This results in leaders lacking the skills to develop a common language to enroll their teams in the new initiative, and/or talk about the change process in general. 

There is no “trickle down” effect and leaves leaders and employees with out a shared set of goals and a lack of understanding on how to adjust their roles during rapid change.

When organizations spend time training and coaching their employees through change, qualms and incorrect assumptions are de-mystified, paving the way to a more adaptive and agile workforce.

Who should attend?

Employees and/or managers who would like to understand their own, and other’s response to change so they are more prepared to work through their own, and their employee’s reluctance to adapt new practices and policies.

Why should you attend?

Continual changes in supply chain security, new technologies including AI and block change, inflation, and customers expecting a more immersive experience are only part of our ever-changing business world.

Additionally, concerns about climate change and sustainability and major talent shortages have required us to be more flexible and adaptive, and rapidly add new skills. People like to say that change is good, but that’s only partly true unless it is managed effectively.

This means that companies who want to survive in the marketplace must continually review and develop their service and product offerings and approaches. This requires them to ask their employees to grow their skills and learn to adapt to even more frequent change.

Easier said than done! Ignoring the people side of change leads to employees resisting change, higher costs, failed projects, reduced productivity and exposes the organization to risk.

Faculty - Ms.Suzanne Blake, PCC

Suzanne Blake, PCC, is an award-winning International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach with 26+ years of coaching, training and business consulting experience. With warmth, humour and the latest in coaching and brain science techniques, Suzanne works in partnership with individuals and groups to attain their communication, empowerment, career and leadership goals. 

Suzanne Blake is the Founder and President of Blake Coaching and Training. She has helped hundreds of seasoned and emerging leaders expand their capacity, make decisions, use focused strategic thinking, build confidence and self-awareness. Her coaching work has been featured in on The Today Show, NPR, The New York Times, The Boston Globe and numerous other media outlets. 

A passionate industry leader, she specializes in coaching executives and managers in leadership development, managing individuals and co-located and virtual teams, communications styles effectiveness, work-life balance, presentation skills, emotional intelligence, time and performance management. Suzanne has comprehensive experience designing and facilitating training and coaching programs, facilitating team buildings, and conducting one-on-one Executive Coaching sessions. 

Her clients include: Verizon, Deloitte, LLC, Amica Insurance, BCBS, EMC/Dell, Synthes Switzerland, eClinicalWorks, Nimbly Wise Ed/Tech Coaching and Training, Core Axis and numerous small to medium size businesses and no-profit organizations.

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