Planning & Budgeting for Non-Financial Professionals in a COVID-19 Environment

Schedule Friday, October 14, 2022 || 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
Duration 60 Mins
Level Basic & Intermediate
Webinar ID IQW22J1008

  • Planning & Budgeting Overview to include the plan/forecast as the starting point
  • How company goals are converted to
    • Revenue
    • Expenses
    • Profit/Surplus
  • How goals are expressed in plans/forecasts & specific budgets
    • Financial-Revenue Cash
    • Operating: Groups, Departments & Projects
    • Expressed as: Profit or Cost Centers
  • Separate Budgets
    • Project/Activity
    • Capital
    • Cash
  • Finance & Accounting basics relating to planning & budgeting
  • Overview & understanding & budgeting basics:
    • The basis for decisions
    • Control of revenue & expenses
    • No authority to spend
    • Budgets measured against actuals
    • Must reflect reality and uncertainty in a COVID-19 environment
  • COVID-19 Challenges & Concerns relating to Planning & Budgeting:
    • Dealing with a turbulent uncertain environment
    • Creating new budgeting norms based on survival
    • Flexibility is key
  • The family vacation model is used to simplify planning & budgeting for non-financial professionals
    • Family Vacation Planned to include transportation, lodging, activities & events
    • Review funds available to match plans
    • Adjust match reality
  • Planning & budgeting simplified:
    • Plans come first
    • Budget specifies plan
    • Adjust budget based on reality
  • Types of Budget Groups and how they operate in simplified terms:
    • Profit Centers-Revenue & Expenses
    • Cost Centers-Expenses
    • Projects: Revenue & Expenses or Expenses only
    • Activity: Same as Projects
    • Capital Budgets: Equipment purchases
    • Cash Budget: Sources & Uses of Cash
  • Measuring actual performance to budgets:
    • Based on the chart of accounts explained
    • Review & analysis explained
    • reforecast based on review & analysis explained
  • Basics of expense control explained:
    • Categories of expenses explained:
      • Personnel & Related Costs & Benefits
      • Controllable expenses
      • Pre-determined allocated
  • Reducing expenses to increase profits

Overview of the webinar

Non- Financial professionals need the skills and tools to analyze financial statements in the management control and application of resources for which they are responsible. There are several myths about accounting that must be overcome to gain a basic knowledge of accounting and how transactions are transformed into statements. These myths are converted to meaning. Doubt and uncertainty about accounting are removed with a simple understanding and applying tools and techniques.

Who should attend?

  • Non-Financial Professionals who have the management and control of resources
  • A great refresher also for financial professionals to enhance knowledge of planning & budgeting

Why should you attend?

Non-Financial Professionals are required to take leading roles in the control of financial resources. This requires basic knowledge and understanding of the basic tools & techniques of planning & budgeting. This is especially critical in a COVID-19 environment when recourses are scarce yet profit expectations remain high. This Webinar provides basic tools, techniques, methods & models related to planning & budgeting specifically for non-financial professionals to enhance their knowledge & understanding of planning & budgeting with specific concerns & challenges in a COVID-19 environment.

  • Basic background & understanding of planning & budgeting
  • Fundamentals of planning & budgeting as relates to finance & accounting
  • Relevant reporting review & analysis of planning & budgeting

Faculty - Mr.Carl Young

Carl Young is an Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant & Coach. He holds an MBA and completed graduate studies in Accounting and Taxations. He is a former CFO of a 275M High growth technology-based company. He has over 25 years of senior-level business management experience. He has over 25 years of training experience in finance, accounting and business management. Former CEO of his own small parts manufacturing company. Former Senior Financial Associate of a major consulting firm.
He is a member of the American Society of Corporate Controllers. Member of the Council of Experts of the investment firm Gerson & Lehrman. Member of the Society of Industry Leaders sponsored by Standard & Poors. Member of the National Association of Accountants.
An engaging & entertaining speaker and trainer who draws from his experiences as a former CFO to make relevant teaching points. Sessions are rich in content, lively, full of energy and include lots of audience interaction. He has branded himself Mr Simplicity. His goal is to make finance & accounting relevant to non-financial professionals with tools & techniques that are simple to understand and apply. 

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