After Covid-19, Retool and Refocus Your Team for 2021

Duration 60 Mins
Level Basic & Intermediate & Advanced
Webinar ID IQW21C0319

No one, no industry, no company has been untouched from the Covid-19 pandemic. In this webinar, you will turn bewilderment at what has happened in 2020 with shutdowns and work from home strategies into confidence for 2021.

  • Organically engage employees
  • Resurface the company’s vision, mission, and values
  • Rationally align employees with goals and objectives
  • Retool efficiencies with what we have learned from Covid-19
  • Master having one foot in the present and one foot in the future
  • Socially accept and include all employees
  • Communicate with clarity the path forward in 2021
  • Review the steps in setting objectives and goals
  • Set lead and lag measures for goals and objectives
  • Delegate with precision
  • Hold employees accountable

This is the best investment you can make in your company’s future for 2021 and beyond. Attend and you will gain confidence in the face of uncertainty. 

Overview of the webinar

Covid-19 was disruptive as workers moved from the office to work from home. Managers often faced Excedrin-size headaches getting workers the right tools and technology, learning how to use video meetings, and grappling with unique touch points for each individual team member. Now workers are limping back to the office and managers are struggling with a partial workforce at the office and others still working from home. 

This webinar addresses those challenges and gives you strategies for focusing employees on daily productivity and important deadlines that must be met. Retooling and rebooting productivity doesn’t have to be complex, but it does mean going back to the basics of remembering why the company was founded, how each employee contributes to success, assigning workers appropriate tasks, and holding them accountable.

2021 will demand routines are reestablished even if workers continue to move back and forth between the office and virtual work. These routines may look different than they did in January 2020.

Employee well-being, social acceptance and inclusion strategies will need to be examined and updated or implemented as necessary.

Who should attend?

  • Human Resources managers
  • Target Industry
  • Target Job Title
  • IT managers
  • Managers at all levels of the organization
  • Executive teams
  • Team leads
  • Manufacturing managers
  • Operation managers

Why should you attend?

This anecdote about an American folk hero tells you why you should attend this webinar. On October 22, 1734, Daniel Boone was born, the 6th of 11 children in Oley Valley in Pennsylvania. He is celebrated as the quintessential American pioneer, explorer, woodsman, and frontiersman whose exploits made him one of the first folk heroes in American history.

He pioneered easy routes westward from North Carolina and Tennessee through the Cumberland Gap in the Cumberland mountains into Kentucky where he founded Boones borough.When asked if he was ever lost in the woods, he allegedly responded, “No, I can’t say that I was ever lost, but I was bewildered once for three days.”

As we close out 2020, we may not be lost, but we may be bewildered about how to retool and rebuild for 2021 so it becomes the best year ever.

Faculty - Ms.Karla Brandau

Karla Brandau is a leading authority on time management and Microsoft Outlook. For over twenty years she has taught her innovative productivity methods in top corporations such as Motorola, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Panasonic, and BYD America. Over 85% of the organizations who hire her, invite her back for repeat engagements.

She has written 101 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals and produced visual “How To” guides for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016.  She has a degree in education and is a Certified Speaking Professional, an earned designation given by the National Speakers Association.

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