Best Practices for Leading Effective Meetings

On-Demand Schedule Sun, May 19, 2024 - Sun, May 26, 2024
Duration 60 Mins
Level Basic & Intermediate
Webinar ID IQW23A0121

  • Meeting planning and preparation
  • Running the meeting
  • Creating the right environment for maximum results
  • Meeting Logistics
  • Methods to overcome the fear of speaking
  • Effective meeting structures
  • Methods to start the meeting, the right way
  • Addressing, managing, and preventing conflict in meetings
  • Engaging your audience and reading the room
  • Keeping meetings on track and on time
  • Dealing with dominant, quiet, and non-participatory speakers
  • Keeping discussions on track
  • Facilitating decision-making to maximize participation and buy-in
  • Infusing meetings with real purpose and energy
  • Closing and follow-up strategies

Overview of the webinar

Are you making meetings as effective as possible?

Do you often dread leading and attending meetings?

For many workers, meetings are a part of their daily schedule. Research shows that workers spend, on average, three hours a day in meetings. Unproductive meetings are detrimental to business success. However, done correctly, meetings are essential for any business. When facilitated well, meetings can be effective; issues can get resolved, and participants can feel grateful they attended.

This webinar will show you how to plan, lead, and participate in formal or informal meetings.  You will learn how to,

  • identify the best reasons for holding meetings.
  • plan successful meetings, including determining whom to invite, identifying your purpose, setting the right environment, and more.
  • craft an agenda that boosts engagement, makes good use of time, and achieves the results desired.
  • set up a meeting structure that improves communication and results.
  • create guidelines for your meetings to boost engagement.
  • set up ground rules for your meetings that increase productivity and use proven decision-making methods.
  • set up a good meeting environment for both physical and virtual meetings.
  • structure and manage conversations in meetings for maximum effectiveness.
  • involve your attendees and get them working together.
  • prevent, address, and manage conflict.
  • speak with confidence.
  • achieve the desired results, both during and after the meeting.

Who should attend?

All industries and professions and anyone who will experience or has some experience hosting and leading meetings. 

Why should you attend?

Frustrated by dull, unproductive meetings? 

Do meetings sometimes prevent you from completing your work?

This webinar will show you how to make your meetings productive and successful.

This webinar is for anyone who,

  • attends or runs meetings. 
  • wants to increase participation and satisfaction from their meetings.
  • wants to improve their speaking and discussion skills at work.
  • Feel confident when speaking.
  • never wants to run another unproductive and pointless meeting.

Best Practices for Leading Effective Meetings addresses meeting management.  You will learn to plan, manage, and run meetings for maximum results, including starting and finishing, follow-up, and troubleshooting. You’ll also learn how to persuade, engage, and encourage productive participation and make your meetings interesting, worthwhile and fun. 

By the end of the webinar, you will confidently be able to hold meetings that participants enjoy and that produce beneficial results.

Faculty - Ms.Lisa Kleiman

Founder and Public Speaking Coach at Speaktopia ( and Author of "You Got This: Everything You Need to Master Authentic Public Speaking" (2019) River Grove Books. 

A communication professional with a strong background in instruction, training, and management in academic and business settings. Proactively and effectively served in communication management and consulting roles at diverse companies including successful startups and Fortune 500 companies.  Have also helped thousands of students improve their communication skills in my role as a faculty instructor of undergraduate and graduate business and managerial communication at Boise State University.  An academic scholar with an Education Specialist in Adult and Organizational Learning and Leadership degree, a Master of English concentration in Technical and Professional Communication, and a bachelor of science degree in marketing and management with academic and professional certificates in human resources and records management.


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