Planning, Prioritizing, And Execution With The Outlook Calendar And Tasks

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On-Demand Schedule Fri, February 23, 2024 - Fri, March 01, 2024
Duration 60 Mins
Level Basic & Intermediate & Advanced
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Do you face daily dilemmas trying to figure out where to start on your tasks? Task lists can be overwhelming with a great range of items to complete. Some can wait but others are urgent and demand immediate attention. When you have 5 or 6 urgent requests at one time, the choice of which one to work on first can be agonizing. 

The principles taught in this program solve the puzzle for you. Unraveling the relationship between the Calendar and the To-Do Bar, the To-Do List and Tasks is the first thing tackled in this session. 

You learn how to use the Calendar as a workflow tool. The calendar can be used for much more than just appointments and meetings. It is an excellent tool to gain self-discipline and refine time management practices. In this session you learn how to: 

  • Plan your day for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Utilize principles for “Working in the Zone” and managing energy cycles
  • Implement planning forward, reminders, and tickler file ideas
  • Add a personal calendar to enhance work/life balance 
  • Ensure that tasks and deadlines do not slip through the cracks
  • Use the possibilities of the Advanced Dialog Box 
  • Close Out Every Day (COED) and easily move unfinished tasks to the future
  • Use Reverse Scheduling 
  • In the Tasks portion of the webinar, you will learn how to: 
  • Identify the differences between the To-Do List, Tasks, and the To-do Bar
  • Customize Column Headings in each folder, enabling the viewing of project-relevant information 
  • Create new folders for a plethora of projects and lists
  • Use Task Views to your advantage
  • Remove Completed Tasks from your working task folder
  • Sort and prioritize in 4 ways


Overview of the webinar

Some people use Outlook only for email and for calendar appointments and meetings. If you are one of those, you are leaving about 85% of the power of Microsoft Outlook untouched and untapped. 

This webinar teaches you how to use Outlook to the fullest extent with many tips, techniques, and best practices for using the Outlook Calendar and Outlook Tasks in Tandem for unprecedented productivity. Attend and you’ll be on the path to greater productivity and achievement. 

Who should attend?

This is appropriate for any industry. They just need to use Microsoft Outlook as a company.

Why should you attend?

When the IT worker installed Microsoft Outlook on your computer and gave you a short tutorial on booting up the program, setting up your email, and adding your company signature, did he leave your office marking his work complete? Probably, but he left you to explore with the trial-and-error method the many features of Outlook and the tremendous productivity benefits of those features.

Don’t throw any more money down the drain discovering productivity features of Outlook by accident. Take control of this powerful tool by attending this webinar. You’ll be shown not only advanced features but you’ll learn the benefits of those features from a time management viewpoint. Outlook can be your partner and help you to tackle your 21st-century tasks and assignment overload.

Faculty - Ms.Karla Brandau

Karla Brandau is a leading authority on time management and Microsoft Outlook. For over twenty years she has taught her innovative productivity methods in top corporations such as Motorola, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Panasonic, and BYD America. Over 85% of the organizations who hire her, invite her back for repeat engagements.

She has written 101 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals and produced visual “How To” guides for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016.  She has a degree in education and is a Certified Speaking Professional, an earned designation given by the National Speakers Association.


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