Part 3/6 - Applying Differing Analytical Techniques

Duration 90 Mins
Level Basic & Advanced
Webinar ID IQW19H0804

  • Big Data Structures
  • OLAP
  • Statistical Analysis and Big Data
  • Substantive Analytical Procedures
  • Validation
  • Questionnaire Analysis and Likert Scales
  • Statistical Reliability Analysis
  • Red Flags and Indicators
  • Nature of Computer Fraud
  • Seeking Fraud Evidence
  • Planning the Fraud Analysis
  • Common mistakes in Forensic Analysis
  • Conducting Root Cause Analysis


Overview of the webinar

While a variety of powerful tools are readily available today, the skills required to utilize such tools are not. Not only must the correct testing techniques be selected but the effective interpretation of outcomes presented by the software is essential in the drawing of appropriate conclusions based on the data analysis.

  • Analysis of Big Data
  • Results Analysis and Validation
  • Fraud Detection using Data Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis

Who should attend?

  • Director of Purchasing
  • Product Design Engineer
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Vice President
  • Global Product Compliance Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Director of Quality
  • Training & Development Manager
  • Quality Managers
  • Internal Auditor

Why should you attend?

Since the spread of IT systems has made it a pre-requisite that auditors as well as management have the ability to examine high volumes of data and transaction in order to determine patterns and trends. In addition, the increasing need to continuously monitor and audit IT systems has created an imperative for the effective use of appropriate data mining tools.

This Series of 6 webinars is - based on Richard Cascarino’s book “Data Analytics for Internal Auditors” . 

Part-1.Understanding Sampling for Auditors

  • Judgmental vs Statistical Sampling
  • Probability theory in Data Analysis
  • Types of Evidence
  • Population Analysis 
  • Correlations and Regressions

Part-2.Analytics in the Audit

  • Conducting the Audit 
  • Obtaining Information from IT Systems for Analysis 
  • Use of Computer Assisted Audit Techniques

Part-3.Analytics Techniques

  • Analysis of Big Data
  • Results Analysis and Validation
  • Fraud Detection using Data Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis

Part-4.Analysis and Monitoring 

  • Data analysis and Continuous Monitoring
  • Continuous Auditing
  • Financial Analysis 

Part-5.Data Analytics Software

  • Excel and Data Analysis
  • ACL and Data Analysis
  • IDEA and Data Analysis 
  • SAS and Data Analysis 

Part-6.Using the Analysis 

  • Analysis Reporting
  • Data Visualization and Presentation

Faculty - Mr.Richard Cascarino

Richard E. Cascarino, MBA, CIA, CISM, CFE, CRMA Well known in international auditing, Richard is a principal of Richard Cascarino & Associates based in Colorado, USA and Johannesburg, South Africa with over 32 years’ experience in audit training and consultancy.
He is a regular speaker to National and International conferences and has presented courses throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the USA.
Richard is a Past President of the Institute of Internal Auditors in South Africa, was the founding Regional Director of the Southern African Region of the IIA-Inc and is a member of ISACA, and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, where he is a member of the Board of Regents for Higher Education.
Richard was Chairman of the Audit Committee of Gauteng cluster 2 (Premier's office, Shared Services and Health) in Johannesburg and is currently the Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee of the Department of Public Enterprises in South Africa.
He is also a visiting Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand, author of the book Internal Auditing - an Integrated Approach, published by Juta Publishing and now in its 3rd edition. This book is extensively used as a university textbook worldwide. In addition, he is the author of the "Auditor's Guide to IT Auditing" published by Wiley Publishing, now in its 2nd edition and the book "Corporate Fraud and Internal Control: A Framework for Prevention", also Wiley Publishing. He is also a contributor to all 4 editions of QFINANCE, the UItimate Resource, published by Bloomsbury and is the author of "Data Analytics for Internal Auditors" published in 2017 by Auerbach. 

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