Food Safety, Security and Fraud. Are you ready?

Duration 60 Mins
Level Basic
Webinar ID IQW19A0122

  • Review of Data
  • Basic FSMA Rules
  • Preventive Concepts
  • Food Safety
  • Food Defense
  • Fraud in the Food Supply Chain
  • What you need to do today

Overview of the webinar

Since 2011 the entire U.S. food supply chain has had to face new challenges due to the signing of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law. Since then, rules have been finalized and new challenges have arisen across the entire supply chain as companies try to understand food safety, food defence, transportation and a spectrum of new laws the FDA has woven into a complete food safety system. Such enforcement challenges along with consumer challenges for safer food have caused the supply side to step up compliant and often parallel improvements designed to assure that food is not fraudulent, is safer and is protected from intentional adulteration.
Although the FDA and many companies have worked diligently to try to provide the food supply chain with the information and training needed for these generational upgrades, many companies are still wondering just what to do and how to do it. Although many other industries have gone through similar transformations over the past 30 years, many companies in the food industry have chosen to ignore these new challenges until legal deadlines have long ago passed. Many companies are simply not ready and other companies like restaurants and retail chains are left out of the discussion. Increasing trends in food fraud mean you need to get on board.

Who should attend?

  • Food shippers, processors, retail and restaurant purchasing groups
  • CEOs, VP and Director level personnel
  • Food safety and quality team Members
  • Food testing labs and quality personnel
  • cGMP Specialists
  • Operations personnel
  • Food process engineers
  • Compliance specialists
  • MRB team members
  • Marketing and sales personnel

Why should you attend?

In this webinar, food safety, security and fraud are briefly addressed for those in need of an introduction to the basics in each topic. The name of the game has changed to one of assuming responsibility for protecting the U.S. food supply, preventing adulteration and assuring that the food consumers pay for is truly the food they are paying for. It is not too late to begin learning about and implementing the preventive controls needed to protect a company’s reputation and the consumers.

Faculty - Dr. John Ryan

Dr. John M. Ryan is currently working with various food and RFID/Traceability suppliers and a variety of sensor providers to implement an international RFID produce supply chain track and trace and food safety system between the State of Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific Region. He is a the quality assurance administrator over two branches within the department: Commodities and Measurement Standards which include labs used to test various processed foods and primary involvement with food safety. He previously implemented the nations' first RFID food traceability (farm-distribution-retail) project.

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