Title Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Product Id IQW15C8997
Speaker Teddy Burriss
Level Basic
Duration 60 Mins
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With over 500,000,000 LinkedIn Members today and nearly 2 new members every second, LinkedIn is an important business tool for many business professionals. In this webinar, we will explore the best practices of building a professional LinkedIn Profile. We will discuss the primary areas of your LinkedIn Profile you should consider building and how to do so. Attendees will understand why a Keyword Rich LinkedIn Profile focused on your Most Important Viewers is vital for you to create real value using LinkedIn. The philosophies and ideas generated from this webinar are important when using LinkedIn Profile as a business tool. 

Without proper guidance most LinkedIn Members build their LinkedIn Profiles incorrectly, similar to a resume and focused inward towards their employer. Understanding how to build a LinkedIn Profile focused on your Most Important Viewer creates a more beneficial and useful online presence. This webinar will prepare you to make this pivot in how you build your LinkedIn Profile.

  • Discover how to focus your LinkedIn Profile on your Most Important Viewer
  • Develop an understanding of Keywords and using the best keywords in your LinkedIn Profile 
  • Explore the numerous areas of your LinkedIn Profile and what types of content to share in each
  • Discover the best practices of building a professional LinkedIn Profile
  • Review the importance of using a LinkedIn Profile Picture and relevant contact information
  • Explore the importance of using relevant information in your LinkedIn Profile 
  • Review the tactics of building a Professional LinkedIn Profile
This webinar will be of greatest value to the following members of an organization:
  • Business Development Team
  • Sales Team
  • Account Management Team
  • Marketing Department
  • Executive Leadership
  • Recruiting Professionals
  • Operations Management
  • Talent Development Professionals

Teddy Burriss is a Certified Social Media Strategist, LinkedIn Coach, Trainer and Keynote speaker. Teddy has been teaching the best practices and tactics of using LinkedIn as a business tool for 10 years now and each year the best practices and tactics change as this business tool changes. Teddy is a Dale Carnegie Graduate Coach, Sandler Sales Trained Professional, Practiced Toastmaster and accomplished author. Teddy invests time each day experimenting with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other social media tools so he can then share with others and help them grow their business using social media.

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