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COVID-19 Legislation and Payroll

Details Around paid Sick and Family leave and how the government intended for employers to pay for it How to properly handle the suspension of student loan garnishments How to complete the Form I-9 for new hires while social distancing Retirement Funds th ...

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Remote Time and Task Management Effectiveness: Working Smarter Every Day

Before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared, has your workforce been largely office-based? Is this the first time you and your team have been working 100% virtually? If so, then this Webinar is for you! As enterprises have been growing far and wide, often inter ...

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COVID-19: Practical Guidance for Employers and HR to Manage Through the New Normal

Employers are facing unexpected and demanding challenges as they navigate the health precautions and governmental measures related to COVID-19. We heard  you and partnered with one of our premier HR experts to give you the best practices and guidance on how to ...

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Change Agility: Becoming a Pivot Master

Although many people try to avoid it, even fear it, change is inevitable. In the business world, stagnation can be lethal. If your organization is not moving forward, it is likely moving backwards and will be left in the dust. Understanding the different types ...

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Mindset Reset: 7 Steps to Conquer Negativity and Overwhelm

In today’s culture, which prizes busy-ness and sees stress as a status symbol, negativity and overwhelm are universal. They wreak havoc on our moods, bodies, and minds, not to mention our businesses and bottom lines One reason that negativity is so insidious ...

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FMLA and ADA: Managing Leaves Doesn’t Need to be (that) Complicated – Updated with COVID-19 Topics

Managing leaves of absence under the major federal mandates can be confusing. Some employers with good intentions will administer both leaves by using the same forms, overlap the requirements, and consolidate the processes. Added to these already-complicated l ...

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Selecting Projects for Organizational Value

Understand why and how projects are selected in your organization Gain a better understanding of the business success measure of your project

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Technical Writing for Non-Technical Employees

Certified Speaking Professional Mandi Stanley began her technical writing career as proposal writing specialist for a healthcare firm. She’s a summa cum laude graduate with concentrations in English, communication, and management, and she served as a faculty m ...

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The Leadership Challenge: Ethics, Character and Accountability

This program examines the challenge for all leaders and that is being an ethical person, having good moral character and being accountable to the people and organizations they lead. It also provides some strategies and tips for leaders to meet the leadership c ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Harold Levy
  • Aug 26, 2020
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Writing Payroll Procedures-Why is This Important?

Does your company have a written payroll procedure manual? Perhaps you have a vendor-supplied manual. Does it cover all issues, or only the system-driven ones? What about payroll policy as it involves your company? Make sure that you are ready for all continge ...