Customized Webinars & Online Boot Camps

With Customized Webinars & Online Boot Camps UPIQ can deliver in- depth vocationally related trainings tailored specifically to the needs of your Company, Team or Department.

We are committed to helping Professionals and Teams navigate the complexities associated with new and emerging regulatory and compliance Codes, Best Practices and Industry Trends through our Best in Class training programs by the industry leading experts.

You can customise the “Areas Covered” to suite your requirement and we will have the webinar delivered right to your Teams' desktop, at their convenience.

In-House Trainings

With a data base of 1000s of expert speakers from all over the world, we have the best trainers and leading experts who can deliver Customized Trainings right in your office. The benefits of this mode of trainings is that it has have proven to yield greater results in assimilation, retention and knowledge utilisation and thus increasing resource productivity.

You can maximize your professional development time, by engaging us, so that your Team can sit back and absorb while we manage all the leg work.

With our vast support staff and global partners, we are sure to deliver the trainings of your choice, at a level that you would have never experienced before.

Customized Seminars

Would you like to host a training outside your office, for staff members or perhaps combine an office outing with a Team training?

Yes, we can do that for you, as we are tied up with several hotels, conference halls along with host of the best trainers & experts across industries.

This highly effective form of training has proven to be a motivator for Employees who can mix work with a small break, and results tend to show that these Employees return well informed and refreshed.