Mr. Shawn McBride

Area Of Expertise : BFSI
30 Years Of Experience
Training Industry : Banking & Insurance

The Our Shawn McBride is a corporate lawyer licensed in 12 states and Washington, DC and is a CPA licensed in 3 states. He heads The R. Shawn McBride Law Firm, PLLC, a corporate law boutique and McBride For Business, LCC a business strategy firm where he is often called upon to speak or consult on the future of business. He is the author of Business Blunders which showcases common business mistakes to avoid and three other books. He is also the host of The Future Done Right™ Show on YouTube where he interviews guests from around the work on the dynamics of the future of business and the changes business owners might anticipate. His passion is helping business owners build and execute business plans that enable them to live the lives of their dreams. He believes the key to successful business plans - and lives - is embracing strengths and uniqueness. His extensive experience in the sales arena comes from running his multiple businesses and being called upon repeatedly to help sales organizations increase their sales results. If you are wondering about the name, after using the name “R. Shawn McBride” to differentiate himself from the other speakers named “Shawn McBride” some of his audience members started calling him “Our Shawn McBride” and given Shawn’s passion for uniqueness in business the name stuck.

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Recorded Webinar

How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency May Change Your Business Model

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are being discussed heavily in the technology and regulatory communities. But for the common business owner, it’s hard to determine what is hype and what is real Are blockchain and cryptocurrency really goin ...

  • Basic & Intermediate & Advanced
  • 60 Mins
Recorded Webinar

The Future of Tax Function: Artificial Intelligence

Prepare for the future of tax record keeping, tax audits and tax function with this topic that dives into Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are improving - constantly - and it's going ...

  • Intermediate
  • 90 Mins