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Risk and Forecasting Systems, Beyond Gaussian Wisdom

For people who use directly financial models, or who build or manage them, or for those for whom ideas of stochastic modelling in financial markets percolate into their own work, they probably are accustomed to the good old paradigm. Some even have forgotten t ...

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Risk-Based Operational Audit -The Basics

Every organization has a primary business objective, the reason for its existence. Whether it is a “for-profit” organization or a “not-for-profit” organization, there is always a primary business objective. And each organization is set up to accomplish that pr ...

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New Overtime Rules, Payroll Rules & Administration Made Simple

This webinar covers the complete context of payroll rules and administration made simple.It starts with the basic classification of workers properly classified as Contractors or Workers.Rules for Payment and administration of Contractors is outlined.Rules for ...

  • Basic & Advanced
  • 75 Mins
  • Carl Young
  • Apr 18, 2019
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Technical Writing in an Industrial Environment

Technical Writing in an Industrial Environment differs from general correspondence in that it is written for a specific audience. It is a balancing act between being precise enough to cover the subject matter yet general enough to apply to other locations and/ ...

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New IRS Guidance Update – New Section 199A: Deductions, Limitations, Complexities and Opportunities

IRC 199A, the new 20% of qualified business income deduction, is the best new tax deduction from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The deduction has a lot of complexities to it, and without proper knowledge of how the deduction works, taxpayers can see large penaltie ...

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GAAP Update: New Revenue Recognition Rules – Getting Ready for Implementation and Beyond

Compliance with the new ASC 606/IFRS 15 revenue from contracts with customers accounting standard is just around the corner. The new standard introduces significant changes regarding how revenue is recognized, and therefore the risk of revenue related challeng ...

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Hot topics in Fair Lending

Fair lending is the practice outlined in the Fair Housing Act of 1968. It prohibits lenders from discriminating against borrowers on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or physical handicap. Understanding what the current ...

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AML Risk and Responsibilities Related to Foreign Correspondent Banking

There are many risks related to acquiring, maintaining, and supervising correspondent banking relationships which employees and management of financial institution’s need to be aware of and actively manage.  With the enhanced scrutiny by regulators of a financ ...

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How to conduct a Compliance Gap Analysis for ERM, how to get started and what to expect

This webinar will explain how to conduct a compliance gap analysis for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Attendees will learn best practices to ensure ERM compliance.

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Loan Documentation for “Commercial Real Estate” Lending Transactions

Attend this proactive webinar and receive a thorough overview of commercial real estate (CRE) loan documentation. Basic “business” structure, loan “structure,” and loan “support” will be highlighted along with a review of “commercial real estate” loan docume ...